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I Am Struggling…Putting Up My Beach Umbrella

I am struggling… to put up my beach umbrella…
You know the ones…large ‘n incharge ones that offer shade and retreat.
Where you can still be in the midst of a sunlit beach with the blue ocean waves rhythmically coming ashore creating a backdrop of soothing sounds as you create your “nest” of beach chair, towel, sunglasses, beverage, snack and perhaps that book you’ve been wanting to disappear into
But first things first…Ya gotta get the Umbrella OPENED and positioned correctly!
It’s an important task and when done thoughtfully and precisely it lends itself toward a very delightful afternoon!

So, why struggling? There truly is a bit of a learning curve here! Having moved here from a “non-beach” State with only “non beach” activities on the files in my brain this counts as some of my “lifelong learning” experiences!

As I pondered the importance of “HOW to” properly “put up my beach umbrella” it got me thinkin’… If MY umbrella (the one I want to invite others under!) is not properly secured and placed, it loses some or ALL of its effectiveness!
Point in case_
Did you know that it’s VERY important to secure your umbrella properly? The winds along a coastline can gust quickly pulling your umbrella up from the sand and off to the next county causing havoc and danger along the way! You need to go deep, no surface pushing a pole into the sand is a safe bet!

You need to be aware of what ‘kind” of umbrella you have…do you need to have a small shovel with you to dig a hole, or maybe you can get a pole “holder” that you twist into the sand and then insert and secure the pole…there are options here.

Main point is to “go deep” to secure a solid foundation…

What’s your foundation in Life? What do you know, that you know, that you know? Sometimes we need to ponder these things!

So, my umbrella pole is securely fixed in the sand and I grab the second piece of the umbrella…the part with the “umbrella” on it and snap it in place (that’s not the hardest part!) THEN it’s time to “open your umbrella…well, the center “thingy” is called the runner…first I have to FIND IT by reaching underneath the folds of fabric and then try to push it up—ok…this here is the hard part!! I have to decide if I can push it up while remaining on the outside of the umbrella or snuggle in close to the pole “underneath” the fabric and push from inside…There is just no “graceful” way to push up a beach umbrella! Finally, I need to push it up far enough until it “clicks” into place! “Ta Da, Houston, we have a successful beach umbrella launcht!”

Sometimes I struggle…I feel like a loosely “just stabbed in the sand, foundation-less knucklehead that could be yoinked from my ‘foundation” at any moment. My mind recycles the negative messages of things like “Are you sure about that?”, “I’m probably wrong”, “Oh boy, smooth move!”, “Did I say that out loud?”, “I don’t think they like me!”, “Is there toilet paper stuck on my shoe, I think everyone is laughing at me”? You know those weak moments where sound reasoning has taken a “mountain vacation” and you happened to be on the “beach one!!”, sigh!
Sometimes I struggle… just getting out there! Is it worth the effort; valid question from my point of view. But I can say without a doubt it absolutely is! For one thing making the effort to put up my beach umbrella will allow me to extend my time chillin’ in the shade, while relaxin’ to the sound the waves, and breathing in the ocean breezes that refresh my whole being.
Yep it’s worth it, because when I make the effort, the reward of renewal allows me to be able to grab any of the other “umbrellas” in my collection (because I have a firm foundation under my feet!), open them with confidence, (pushing the “runner” up right along the center pole,and listen for it to “click” into place), so I can “extend” the invitation to walk with others.

Some things ARE worth the struggle and making the opportunity to invite others under YOUR umbrella is one of them!

Blessings all!
Under His Umbrella,

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