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The “HOOD” Vs The “Umbrella”

The “HOOD” vs the “Umbrella”

hood vs umbrella     The “HOOD” vs the “umbrella”
A few months back my husband and I had to make a Home Depot run, the weather was “anxious” there was rain in the forecast, but it wasn’t raining-yet…it was cloudy with a few peeks of sun, but rain clouds were also on the horizon, it wasn’t a question of IF we were going to get a rain shower but WHEN we would be “caught” in it! I needed to choose… should I grab my umbrella or my hooded raincoat? This day I chose my umbrella and it made me think!

I sometimes prefer the “hood” vs Umbrella…why is that?

Well, its quicker, by just flipping it up over my head my thoughtfully prepared hair is spared most of the abuse from rain and maybe the light “breeze” associated with it.…as long as my “hood” is large enough to extend over my “wispy” bangs.

My hood also provides me with a bit of anonymity some “personal space” I am somewhat more concealed. When you are wrapped up and waterproofed in your raincoat and hood your overall appearance indicates – I GOT this! No one will be the wiser if you made the mad dash out the door with or without everything on and matching underneath.

MY hood does allow for ease of movement- don’t have to worry about the challenging intricacies of maneuvering through a crowd with my hood in position.

It does provide me “hands free” ability- who doesn’t need that, because really how often ARE our hands free?

My hood allows me a more “intimate” experience with the weather, depending on the intensity of the shower or storm passing through! For instance as my freshly “made-up” face feels the presence of the rain and wind, I am either blessed by a cleansing mist which creates a more “dewy” image or challenged as a heavy downpour splashes onto my face, dissolving my “foundation”, and the “lengthening and strengthening” mascara threatens to “racoon” my eyes. Oh, and my contact (I only need to wear one!- thankful for great distance vision!) has to blink more often to regain that ‘close-up” clarity. See how “intimate” a hood can be?

MY “hood” also creates a “blinders” effect for me, which can be helpful to keep your focus on the task at hand…getting from the car to the store with the least amount of distraction.

My “hood” is really all about me! And sometimes that’s just fine!

But WAIT!…

Is that a young mom hurrying to get her toddler out of the car seat so they can scurry into the store to grab the much needed package of diapers? Or your neighbor who tried to park close to the entrance but all the Handicapped spaces were taken and now has a much longer trek to make? Could that stranger struggling to maneuver a…(some large and awkward to handle package) into the store for a return use an extra bit of assistance?

When I grab my umbrella, besides being protected from possible sogginess, my umbrella is an effective “wind shield” if needed- you know… when that rain is being blown “sideways” and by adjusting the angle and tilt accordingly to withstand any impending doom, I am able to “march on” victorious! I feel like one of those cartoon characters that repel an on slot of rapid-fire bullets with their “bullet-proof” umbrella.

I will admit that there are also a few things to be mindful of while wielding my umbrella. First off, it is wise to avoid it becoming a wind “filled” shield, one that turns into a parachute with “uplifting” potential! Or the possibility of being turned “inside out” when a sudden gust surprises me because I chose my “Dollar Store” wimpy umbrella vs my powerful GUST BUSTER umbrella, cue the voice of superman… “capable of withstanding gust up to 55 mph!” (I guess after 55 mph you become Mary Poppins and are transported to the next county with an “inside out” umbrella!) There is something to be said about “mindful meanderings” while traversing with your umbrella.

Oh, I could share, quite a few other analogies that effectively compare the two, the hood vs the umbrella, but let me share what I learned that day during our Home Depot run.

It was raining impressively when we arrived in the parking lot. I grabbed my trusty Gust Buster umbrella and headed to the entrance doors, there was an older gentleman getting ready to dash to his car, he had some furnace air filters in a bag, but no umbrella or “hood” on a raincoat to protect him or those air filters, so I offered to walk him to his car with my umbrella to keep those filters from getting wet. Now I’d like to tell you that he graciously accepted my offer and “off we went to his car”, however, he just kinda stared at me like I had 3 eyes or something and said “No, I’m fine.” I tried to reassure him that it wasn’t a problem for me…but not happening!

I closed my trusty soggy umbrella, entered the store and continued with our Home Depot adventure. like I mentioned  before, that got me thinking…with my umbrella in hand I have the opportunity to “walk” with others that could use a bit of refuge, or protection, or helping hand, a chance to make a difference in someone’s day.

This brings me back to the verse in the Bible in the book of Ephesians 2:10, which reminds us that we ARE God’s handiwork and as such he has prepared opportunities for us to be His hands and feet to those around us- whether that be family, friends, neighbors, or strangers.

Next time you have a choice…don’t forget the umbrella option and look for ways to walk with others under YOUR umbrella! You won’t regret it!
Under His Umbrella,

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